Sandberg Estates visit the team at Despacho Lamas

Lauren Payet
Lauren PayetNov 15, 2023
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Last week, the Sandberg Estates team visited the team at Despacho Lamas at their stunning office in Central Palma. 


The company, which was founded by Jaime Lamas over 30 years ago is now ran together as family alongside his 3 children, Malu, Africa and Alberto. The Lamas office opened in May 1989 and since opening, has specialised in in foreign investment consultancy. Their consulting and customer service areas include Civil Law, Commercial Law, Tax Law, and Property Management, among other services. 


The teams academic background, training and welcoming nature is immediately visible upon arrival to the office. Offering expertise in foreign investment consultancy and the range of services offered is truly commendable. We were particularly impressed by Malu and Africa's presentation on Wealth Tax and its potential impact on clients. The dedication and client commitment are something we admire, as we share the same commitment to keeping our clients informed. 


As a family-run company ourselves, we see many parallels between our organisations, especially in terms of the emphasis on trust and maintaining strong relationships with clients. Referring our clients to professionals like the Lamas team for legal and tax advice is a decision made with utmost confidence. 

At Sandberg Estates it is important for the team to keep up to date with the Spanish Laws, taxes and any extras that may affect our clients when purchasing a property in Mallorca. Luckily, with our endeavour to create trustful working relationships we are not only able to take in as much information from these knowledgeable companies and individuals but confidently and unreluctantly refer our clients to the right people. 


Once again, thank you to the team at Despacho Lamas for your time and the invaluable insights you shared with us during our visit. 

We look forward to further collaboration and strengthening our relationship in the future. 


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