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Lauren Payet
Lauren PayetNov 15, 2023
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Nestled in the south-west of Mallorca, in the prestigious Puerto Portals, UM Beach House Portals, is the best place to enjoy slow living and disconnect from your everyday routine. With its seafront dinning and refreshing pool, it’s the perfect spot to relax and soak up the Mediterranean sun making it one of Sandberg Estates hotspots. 


Meet Ben Henderson: Marketing Director at the UMAMI Group 

Our collaboration partner and friend, Benjamin Henderson came to our office in Portals this week to talk all about UM Beach House. His bubbly and warm energy is always a delight to be around, as we discussed our last few years of collaborating with joy, and the exciting and new ideas we have for the years to come. 


Ben’s career has always been in hospitality, marketing and sales. Born and raised in Mallorca, his career in Marketing started at Nikki Beach Mallorca. He then worked in Dubai for Palacio Versace and the Gaucho Group (to mention a few) before moving back to Mallorca to join the UMAMI Group. The island’s special energy clearly pulled him back and he is delighted to be living and pursuing his career on his home island, Mallorca. 


The Collaboration with Sandberg X UM 

If you haven’t seen our recent collaboration video yet, then you should! Watch it here 


We had so much fun shooting at our Exclusive Listing in Old Bendinat with the team. The concept and storytelling of a day with the team preparing the luxury villa for a viewing, followed by an afternoon in the sunshine at UM worked so well and we are very pleased with the outcome. 


A great representation of the collaboration and a fun day shooting with both teams. 


We were keen to know, why Sandberg Estates were chosen for UM’s Collaboration Partner. “There could have been several real estate partnerships with the amount of realtors on the island, but we already knew you guys and it just seemed to make sense. You are a young team and obviously with UMAMI being a new and fresh brand, we see a lot of similarities within the company's ethos’. That youthfulness, current and fun energy you have; it just seemed like the perfect match 


At that time, you were thriving (not that you aren’t anymore!), but it was in a moment that you guys were like BOOM and it was a great push for us both at the same time to go together with this pathway.” 


The UMAMI group came to Mallorca since in recent years it has become a number one lifestyle destination in Europe and probably worldwide. “It has become that place to be, especially with the American market opening and the flights now starting from Miami also, it's going to be a touristic hub. Spain in general is already the number one touristic destination, but Mallorca beats them all.” 


The UMAMI group originally discussed UM Beachouse to open in Marbella first, but finally (and thankfully for us) decided is a little too flashy for their concept and agreed on Mallorca to be an unbeatable location. “We wanted somewhere more down to earth, a balance which Mallorca maintains.” 


Since the opening of their first venue UM Chambao, the group has expanded, since then opening UM Beach House, Vida by UM, Tree House in Palma and most recently expanded UM Beach House to Ibiza, as well as a new concept Koba by UM.  


An impressive growth over the last 4 years. Ben tells us that the groups short term focus is to grow solid within their current venues, settle down and grow their current structure before expanding UM Beach House out of the Mediterranean.  


“We are really proud of our success over the last 4 years and believe we have become an established location and hotspot for residents and tourists on the island of Mallorca.” 


So, what makes UM so popular?  

One of the busiest and most talked about beach clubs on the island, we wonder what Ben thinks makes it so popular! Of course, the sought-after location of Portals, it’s spectacular sea and landscape mountain views, its beautiful restaurant and atmosphere play a huge part in its success. But what else? 


“You get to see the sea, Puerto Portals and the yachts entering and leaving port, those iconic mountains, the rocks on the right-hand side and the pine trees which are very representative of Mallorca.  

Another reason is because, it’s small. It creates that kind of homely, easy-going vibe. When you go to big destinations, there is a lot going on but in UM because it’s not so big, it keeps everyone concentrated in the pool area making it a great hub for people to meet.  


It’s your meeting point. That’s why for realtors or people doing business in Mallorca it is a great networking location to meet other people, it is just that kind of meeting point”. 


We are working closely alongside the UMAMI Group on new and exciting benefits to offer our clients over the next few years, putting together a very curated experience tailored and planned with you in mind.


We look forward to sharing updates, and in the meantime at UM some small renovations are being made at the venue in preparation for the opening party on 22nd March 2024. 

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