Day of the Balearic Islands

Lauren Payet
Lauren PayetMar 13, 2024
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The Balearic Islands celebrate their autonomy every year on the 1st of March.


Dia de les Illes Balears (Day of the Balearic Islands) takes place each year on the 1st of March. It is marked by a public holiday to commemorate the signing of the Statute of Autonomy on March 1st, 1983 which granted autonomous status to the islands.


This day is celebrated on all 4 of the Balearic Islands, Palma hosts the majority of the celebrations as the city is filled each year with its proud residents and tourists all joining in the many activities across the island.


In the centre of Palma and Santa Catalina you will find the streets filled with market stalls, live music and traditional food being cooked live in the streets. A great chance to taste the local cuisine and listen to some music with the locals. 


The rest of the island offers plenty of celebrations too - the "gigantes y cabezudos" are the giants that parade through the streets in local costumes and perform the “Ball de Bot”, a traditional Mallorcan folk dance. There are also artisan fairs, food stalls and concerts in most towns and villages. 


A perfect day to get out onto the streets, experience the local community atmospheres, and be proud to be on the Balearic Islands!

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