Luxury Houses for sale in Mallorca


By request from our property owners, more than 100 properties are not on display on our website. However, we have a catalogue of exposes that we would share with you once we understand your real estate requirements.
Frequently Asked

The island of Mallorca is one of the most affluent regions and has one of the most attractive ranges of luxury properties in Europe and the world. The Balearic Islands, especially Mallorca, are famous for their luxury property market, attracting investors with its safe and stable property market with minimal investment risk. 


In the long term, buying a luxury property in Mallorca is a good investment that offers many return opportunities. 


Not only does this popular island offer all year-round living, it is home to luxury restaurants, upscale hotels and plenty of shopping. The island is surrounded by beautiful turquoise waters and has good public transport links, transport infrastructure and a busy international airport. 


Mallorca is one of the most popular Balearic Islands in Spain and offers a wealth of opportunities for investors. It is also considered one of the most beautiful places in Europe and attracts buyers and residents from all over the world. Many people looking for one of Mallorca's luxury homes have visited the island and fallen in love with its magic, so they decide to buy a second or permanent home on the island. 

Prices for luxury properties on Mallorca vary depending on various factors such as location, size, view and the current condition of the property. You can find exclusive properties priced up to €35,000,000, but there are also options ranging from €4,000,000 to €6,000,000. 


Furthermore, the price also depends on the type of property you want to buy in Mallorca. Luxury homes are naturally in the more expensive price range, considering their high-quality finish, exclusive location and all the other features that make them so luxurious! 

Sandberg Estates offers a wide range of luxury homes for sale in Mallorca, which gives us the opportunity to advise and guide you with precise knowledge and experience.   


We recommend that you explore the island on your own to familiarise yourself with the different areas and their individual merits. If you have certain places in mind, this will make it easier for us to select the properties we send and visit together with you. 


This also makes it easier for you to decide which houses to visit once you know the area you are interested in. 


As an estate agency in Mallorca with our offices in the popular Puerto Portals and district of Palma - Santa Catalina, Sandberg Estates is one of the best in the business. We offer a comprehensive range of services and look forward to meeting our clients and sharing our knowledge of the area. We would be happy to assist you if you decide to buy a luxury home on Mallorca.   

Luxury homes are located in prime areas and offer exclusive amenities. These include swimming pools, cinemas, wine cellars, spas and tennis courts. The property offers high-end appliances and furniture throughout, chosen to match the property itself.   


You will find that the home offers luxurious interior design concepts, unique lighting and architecture that have been implemented with a systematic approach.   


Although the house might have the above benefits and features, it might not be considered luxurious because of its address. The main focus of buyers is usually on the location. In most cases, luxury homes for sale in Mallorca are located near coasts and beaches and face south to maximise the property's exposure to the sun and natural light.  


The island is home to several unique and luxurious properties. These exclusive houses are unique properties that we can offer our clients on our website and in our property portfolio.