Luxury Fincas for sale in Mallorca


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Frequently Asked

A luxury "Finca" in Mallorca is typically a property located in a rural area and is usually situated on a considerable-sized plot of land. Originally, these properties were built for agricultural purposes, but today, they have become popular residential choices and have evolved into sought-after options when purchasing real estate in Mallorca.


The location of a luxury "Finca" in Mallorca doesn't necessarily have to be in the countryside; it can also be on the outskirts of a town or in a traditional village.


The term "Finca" can also refer to a Spanish word for a farm, ranch, or estate. The word "Finca" implies the existence of a building but primarily pertains to a piece of land.


You will find a diverse portfolio of luxury Fincas for sale in Mallorca, all of which are uniquely beautiful, making them special and attractive for investment.

Luxury Chalets for sale in Mallorca offer privacy and space for their owners. They will most likely be in areas of the island away from the city centre, in the centre of the island or on the outskirts of villages and cities. 


A Chalet in Mallorca is even more appealing than ever before. Easy access to the island, sunshine all year round and a stable real estate market, all making Mallorca the perfect place for a second home or holiday property.  


The real estate market in Mallorca is full of chalets to buy with their traditional styles, modern features and unique qualities making them stand out from the rest of the crowd! 


Chalets in Mallorca are extremely popular among international visitors for their charm and tranquil settings. They can be used as both holiday homes but also for residents or families wanting a more tranquil lifestyle.  

Typically, they offer tranquillity and privacy due their location, the benefit being that with Mallorca being so well connected they are never much more than a short drive or walk from local villages or cities. 


In the municipalities of Andratx and Calvia, you will find a variety of Chalets for Sale with Sandberg Estates as well as options across the rest of the island including Santanyi, Alaro, Llucmajor, Esporles and Santa Maria. 

Luxury Fincas for sale in Mallorca have an average listing price of around 1,850,000€ and can range between 1,500,000€ and 25,000,000€.


The prices of luxury Fincas for purchase in Mallorca vary depending on location, plot and property size, views, position, and amenities.


Generally, you will find that the price is lower for Fincas located in more rural areas. Luxury Fincas for sale in popular areas are generally significantly more expensive due to their desirable location.


Location is key. In Mallorca, an exclusive Finca will most likely be situated inland and offer a large plot with countryside or mountain views. Although waterfront properties in Mallorca are highly sought after, living in the countryside has become increasingly desirable.

Finding a beautiful property in Mallorca is easy but exploring the different areas can help to ensure you purchase the perfect property for your needs. Those looking to purchase a second home or vacation property will have different requirements to those investing to rent. 

Areas to consider include the vibrant Palma de Mallorca, the capital of the island, offering a bustling and lively urban city. Palma is the heart of the island so whether you’re looking for the finest food, amazing golf courses or easy access to other parts of the world via the airport, it’s the place to be. 


If beaches and sea views are a must-have, then it's worth considering areas in Calviá such as, Portals Nous, Bendinat, Costa d’en Blanes and Santa Ponsa where you’ll find ports for boating, shopping and full of bars and restaurants as well as a range of Chalets for Sale. 

For something a little quainter and more traditional, Es Capdella is a village on the South West of Mallorca. The area offers seclusion away from the main tourist traps and its mountainous surroundings offer unparalleled beauty and a true sense of peace. 

High-end Chalets for sale in Mallorca can be found in many locations, but Port Andratx is renowned for its beauty and luxury appeal. The port is nestled in the mountains and is home to properties developed by some of the world’s most acclaimed and prestigious architects.