Luxury Properties for sale in Palmanova


Request from our property owners, more than 100 exclusive properties are not on display on our website. However, we have a catalogue of exposes that we would share with you once we understand your real estate requirements.
Frequently Asked

Palmanova offers stunning beaches and a pleasant climate all year round. It is also located close to the capital city of Palma, making it convenient for shopping, dining, and entertainment. It is home to some of the most luxurious properties in the region, offering access to high-end amenities such as private pools, beach access, spa facilities, and world-class golf courses. It is also a popular destination for yacht owners, with several marinas in the vicinity.  


An area suitable for families with its proximity to a wealth of international schools as well as children and family friendly activities. Although during the summer months Palmanova gets busy with tourism, it is a peaceful and exclusive area, making it ideal for those seeking a serene and private living environment.


Palmanova is a sought-after location for buying luxury properties, making it an attractive investment opportunity. The real estate market in the area has been growing steadily over the years, with property prices continuing to rise. 

When buying a luxury property in Palmanova, there are essential tips to consider. Firstly, clearly define your budget and requirements to focus your search effectively. Research the real estate market in Palmanova thoroughly, analyzing property prices and trends to make an informed decision.


Secondly, work with a reputable local real estate agent who possesses in-depth knowledge of the Palmanova area. They can guide you to the best luxury properties that match your preferences.


Lastly, inspect potential properties in person to assess their condition, amenities, and location. Consider factors like proximity to the beach, nearby amenities, and views. Ensure you review all legal documents and contracts before finalizing the purchase.