Luxury Villas With Pool for sale in Mallorca


By request from our property owners, more than 100 properties are not on display on our website. However, we have a catalogue of exposes that we would share with you once we understand your real estate requirements.
Frequently Asked

Luxury Villas with a pool for sale in Mallorca are noticeably some of the most popular properties on the island. Due to the warm temperatures all year round that Mallorca offers and especially the hot climate in the summer, a swimming pool is a must for most buyers. 


If you are buying a second home or holiday villa and spending your vacations in Mallorca, you may look at villas with gated pools in exclusive gated communities. These offer either private pools or shared community pools that are maintained by the community. Providing you with problem and hassle free living over the months of the year that you are not on the island. 


Large Luxury Villas in Mallorca may also have indoor pools or outdoor heated pools. Providing the ability to use them throughout the year even during the colder months of the year. You will also find indoor pools in several gated complex communities. 


You will see throughout the website that Sandberg Estates offer a wide variety of luxury villas for sale in Mallorca with private pools that we would be delighted to show you. Dive in, your dream home awaits! 

Luxury Villas for sale in Mallorca vary in price depending on the type of property. Whether this be a villa with a private pool, shared pool, communal or heated pool, all these factors will affect the price. 


The price of the property will also depend on location, square footage, views and positioning. You will find luxury villas with pools to buy from approximately 3.000.000€ to 25.000.000€, however the property prices can increase to as high as 80,000,000€. 

When deciding to buy a Luxury Villa with a pool in Mallorca be sure to check all the legalities of the property. You may find that it’s swimming pool has previously been built without the correct planning permissions and therefore not included on the property's final paperwork. There are ways around this and we will give you a variety of options, it is not always as big of a problem than it may sound! 


However, before buying any property in Mallorca we want to make sure you have all the accurate information in order to make informed decisions on fair pricing and if it is indeed the right fit for you. 


In these situations, we always recommend using a trusted lawyer as well as architect to help find out all the necessary information. If you do not have these contacts yourself, we are more than happy to recommend trusted local professionals. 

Luxury Villas with pools are in prime locations, either stand-alone houses or within gated complex communities. It’s features, finishes and furnishings are what makes the property so luxury, including high end kitchen appliances, exquisitely designed interior spaces and high standard lighting and architecture. 


Whilst the property may be home to the above amenities and features, it might not be considered luxury due to its location. Most buyers want their properties in a prime and popular location. In most cases, luxury villas in Mallorca are not only in popular destinations but offer spectacular views from all corners of the property. 


The island of Mallorca has a plethora of unique luxury villas to buy and we are excited to show you what it has to offer.