Luxury Villas for sale in Mallorca


By request from our property owners, more than 100 properties are not on display on our website. However, we have a catalogue of exposes that we would share with you once we understand your real estate requirements.
Frequently Asked

Mallorca is one of the most popular of Spain’s Balearic Islands and it offers a wealth of opportunity for property investors. It is also considered one of the most beautiful places in Europe and attracts visitors and expats from all over the world with the lifestyle it offers. Many people are looking to buy a luxury villa in Mallorca after a holiday to the island and having been wowed by its irresistible charm!

It is known for its stunning beaches, sheltered coves and remarkable limestone landscapes and mountains. The island’s beauty is further enhanced by its historic and traditional villages, which are home to an extensive stock of high-quality Mallorca real estate for sale for the high-end market.


The popularity among foreigners, the infrastructure, the transport accessibility and the demand for property are the drivers of the growth of Luxury Real Estate. The purchase of a Luxury Property in Majorca in a picturesque location is becoming not only a wise investment but also a fashionable phenomenon.


There is a wide range of beautiful villa styles available, from modern sea view villas and traditional and luxury villas with swimming pools and other exceptional amenities. Mallorca’s diverse landscape and its many attractive cities, towns and villages have something for everyone.

Mallorca has become one of the world’s most popular Luxury Real Estate locations, as foreign investors in particular are drawn to the relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle. Luxury Villas are a step further in the acquisition of housing. It should be considered as an investment and not just as an acquisition for “fun” or “a treat”. For instance, it offers the opportunity to draw returns as a rental property and furthermore, it adds value and provides capital gains in the medium and long term.


You may not need to buy in such established areas because obviously the prices are higher. At Sandberg Estates our team will give advice of the best areas to buy a villa in the best conditions, even in those where currently they may be undervalued by their degradation but have promising future. 

Exclusive Villas for Sale in Mallorca have an average listing price of around 1.850.000€ and range in price between 550.000€ and can go as high as 100.000.000€.  


Luxury Villas for Sale in Mallorca varies in price depending on several factors, including things such as the location, size, views and current condition of the property.  


Not only this but average prices of a Villa in Mallorca are also dependant on what you are looking to buy, whether it be a Luxury Villa, Modern Villa, Traditional Villa, Holiday Villa, or a Large Villa... The list goes on.


The location is paramount. In Mallorca, a villa on the coast overlooking the sea is more sought after than in the countryside. You will notice that although the location increases the purchase price, it will always be a wise and safe investment. 

Sandberg Estates specialise in luxury villas to buy in Mallorca which give us the ability to advise and guide you clearly with our knowledge and experience. We have an array of Exclusive Villas on the island. Not only do we have the villas to buy in Mallorca we also have over 10 years' experience in Real Estate to advice and help you through the whole process.


We advise doing some independent touring of Mallorca to familiarise yourself with the different areas that the island has to offer. If you have specific locations in mind this makes it easier for us to narrow down properties to send to you and for us to visit together.


Once we are at the viewing stage, we recommend seeing as many properties as you feel you need, we find that this can help you come to the final decision with more confidence and security.  


The Sandberg Estates team can guide you based on experience however, we always advise using a lawyer when buying a property in Mallorca to ensure your complete safety when it comes to the contract and payment side of the purchase.  


Your Real Estate agent should be part of the negotiation process, advising on value with local inside information, supporting the transaction and beyond, whilst protecting your interest and privacy. You should never feel rushed or pushed by your agent at any stage of the process.  


Our team understand the importance and emotional aspect of buying a property and will be with you every step of the way.


Post-sale care is also something you can also look to your Sandberg Estates agent for, with recommendations for local professionals, lawyers, builders, property management companies and more.  


Our goal is to find you your dream villa to cherish and enjoy without the hassle factor.