Luxury Properties for sale in Andratx


By request from our property owners, more than 100 properties are not on display on our website. However, we have a catalogue of exposes that we would share with you once we understand your real estate requirements.
Frequently Asked

Andratx, located on the idyllic southwest coast of Mallorca, is a haven of serenity and exclusivity, making it a privileged destination for luxury property investments. With its imposing mountainous backdrop and spectacular coastline, Andratx has attracted those seeking a blend of natural beauty and modern luxury for years.


The port of Andratx, with its yacht-filled marina and array of luxury restaurants and boutiques, offers a cosmopolitan ambiance that perfectly complements the tranquility of the surroundings. This area is renowned for its high-end villas, often boasting breathtaking sea views and direct access to secluded coves.


In terms of investment, Andratx represents a safe bet due to its consistent demand and limited real estate development, ensuring properties retain their value and exclusivity over time. Sandberg Estates, with its deep understanding of the region and dedication to excellence, is the ideal choice for those looking to venture into the Andratx real estate market with confidence and success.

Andratx, a gem on Mallorca, is renowned for its golden beaches and lively atmosphere, marking it as an ideal location to acquire a luxury property. If you're considering investing here, there are key aspects to bear in mind to make the best decision.


Each area of Andratx has its own unique character and charm. From quiet residential areas to more central locations close to the hustle and bustle. It's vital to identify which environment suits you and how close you wish to be to amenities and entertainment spots.


The real estate market in Andratx can be competitive, given its popularity among international investors. To ensure you get the best deal and avoid inflated prices, it's advisable to work with local experts. Sandberg Estates, with its extensive experience, can be an invaluable ally in this process.


Lastly, consider the rental potential. Andratx attracts tourists year-round, so acquiring a property here isn't just a personal investment; it could also yield attractive returns if you decide to rent it out in the future.