Luxury Properties for sale in Puerto Portals


By request from our property owners, more than 100 properties are not on display on our website. However, we have a catalogue of exposes that we would share with you once we understand your real estate requirements.
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Our diversified catalog offers the most exclusive luxury properties and grand estates for sale in Puerto Portals, Mallorca. Whether you are interested in a luxury residence, a villa with sea views, an apartment, a plot of land, or investing in the Mallorcan real estate market, we have a wide range of options.


Puerto Portals stands out as one of the most elitist enclaves in the southwest of the island. Its avenues host some of the most valued homes in Mallorca, with astronomical figure villas and modern luxury apartment complexes representing some of the most desired spaces to live on the island.


Adorned with natural and green landscapes, idyllic beaches, and one of the most recognized golf courses, Real Golf de Bendinat. Puerto Portals displays a variety of outstanding properties, endowing this corner of Calvià with a unique charm.


Despite all these features, Puerto Portals manages to stay away from the hustle and bustle of seasonal tourism. International and local residents share the space, with venerable Mallorcan families living alongside a varied group of expatriates from Scandinavia, Germany, England, Austria, and Switzerland.


With its profusion of luxury villas, high-category golf, and aura of tranquility, the neighborhood of Puerto Portals stands out as one of the most exclusive in Mallorca.

Investing in a luxury property in Puerto Portals is a wise choice due to its prestigious location and the quality of its real estate. Understanding local market trends is fundamental, and Sandberg Estates offers valuable insights to ensure well-informed decisions, easing the process for potential buyers.


Identifying your preferences, whether it's proximity to amenities or architectural style, is essential. Puerto Portals offers a diverse range of luxury properties. Sandberg Estates facilitates the alignment of these preferences with available options, significantly simplifying the search process for interested parties.


Having a reputable real estate agency like Sandberg Estates, with profound knowledge of the luxury market in Puerto Portals, is invaluable. Our agents offer personalized assistance, guiding buyers at every step, ensuring a smooth transaction.


It's imperative to obtain adequate financial advice. It is advisable to work with advisors familiar with the Spanish real estate market. Sandberg Estates supports buyers not only in finding the perfect property but also in efficiently managing the fiscal aspects.